Bewl Midweekers

Midweekers celebrate 25th anniversary


Midweekers are the largest sailing group at Bewl, sailing  throughout the year on Wednesdays and are celebrating our 25th anniversary (see POSTER, Brief History which follows, Photos in Archive section and July newsletter in Newsletter section), having been formed in 1992.

During summer months we sail in the afternoons, meeting for a picnic beforehand. After the clocks go back we alternate weekly between sailing in the mornings and walks (organised by Robin Taylor), both followed by a pub lunch. 

Sailing sessions are covered by a support boat provided by Bewl Water (site owners since Jan 2016) and manned by Midweeker volunteers (organised by Gill Cameron) and rostered from a base of over 40 qualified helms and crews.

The Sailing in Company Group within the Midweekers (see below) allows people to get together for a sail on other weekdays, which can be appreciated if the weather has prevented sailing on a Wednesday.

When Bewl Water took over 50 of us had obtained Sailing Passes with the previous owners. As of September 2016, over 60 Midweekers had rejoined.

All are welcome to participate - we are a very sociable group, operating on a loosely structured basis, and while sailing is important the social side is a much valued benefit. There is no Midweeker joining fee - just come along on a Wednesday and speak to one of us, or click on the link to email one of the following:

John Mansel   -  Leader

Mo Clayton  -  Socials / Events

Rosemary Thompson  -  Communications

Graham Wise  -  Web Site (Contacts section)

Activities apart from leisure sailing cover:

  • Games on the water (not too competetive)
  • Picnic Sails - sail to a designated beach, then cruise
  • Pub Sails - sail to Dunsters Beach, then walk to the Bull at Three Leg Cross)
  •  Social Evenings -  bring your own grub is a favourite
  • Annual General Meeting (largely social!) - kindly hosted by Cedar Gables camp site
  • Christmas lunch - at Dale Hill Golf Club - always popular and organised by Don Thompson


See Contacts/For Sale below for boats for sale (and wanted).


A Brief History of Bewl Midweekers

Ann Wakeford reckons this was the moment, in June/July 1991, when the Midweekers became a gleam in the eye of Brian Barraclough.  (Click here to see his piece in the Beaver).  You will notice, among other types of people, that he appeals to "redundant" and "frustrated" club members. Like your style, Brian! 

Ann Marsh, a founding member kindly contributed the following on 7th April, 2017:

"In 1992 the then vice commodore, Nick Arnott, suggested starting a group of sailors who wanted to sail midweek, hence the name.  Jeff Warley, Amanda Conrad, Pam Kirkham, David Arnold, Brian Edwards and myself where at the first meeting.  There may have been others but we were quickly joined by, among others, Beryl and Don Bond, Jean and Ron Worsdall, Mo Clayton, Peter Cocker and the group grew to include many who were keen racers but wanted to sail informally, apart from Sunday.  

Jeff Warley and David Arnold gave us instruction on using the support boats so we could provide support on a rota.  This also put us on the club's weekend rota to provide support cover.  We were also encouraged to take the club's Competent Helm Test.  We established the routine of sailing in the summer, with most of the activities you continue to do now and walking once a month in the winter. 

Over the years the group expanded but it was always an integral part of the club with participants coming from those who enjoyed racing as well as more casual sailors with members of the committee participating in the group."

The following outline of our history has been developed according to best memories of people involved. Gio (Jo) Morgan, Robin Taylor and Mo Clayton are thanked for their help in piecing together this history. Lets hope it will be expanded and it will no doubt be subject to amendment as accounts are verified and more contributions are received. 

1992      Nick Arnott, then vice commodore, suggests starting a group of sailors who wanted to sail midweek, hence the name. Jeff Warley, Amanda Conrad, Pat Kirkham, David Arnold, Brian Edwards and Ann Marsh were at the first meeting.

             Others quickly joined, among them, Beryl and Don Bond, Jean and Ron Worsdall, Mo Clayton and Peter Cocker

1993      Ann Marsh takes over leadership

             Activities include walking and cycling as alternatives to winter sailing.

1995      Gio (Jo) Morgan takes over leadership

2000      Mo and Bryan Clayton start Midweeker sailing holidays

             Farmess Turkey 2000

             Leda Greece 2001

             Galini 2002

2003      Ted Hoyle takes over leadership


             Sailing holiday -  Cefalonia


2004      Robin Taylor takes over leadership

             Sailing holiday - Perili Turkey

2009      Mo Clayton takes over leadership


             Sailing holidays

             Halkidiki 2012 
             Vounaki 2013 - 26 people went  

2012      Midweekers are 20 years old    Click here to see the cake


2015      Graham Wise co-leads with Mo


             (BVSC collapses - sailing at Bewl carries on under David Sullivan)

             This web site started

             Sailing in Company sub-group started by Barry Biddlecombe and Paul Williams


2016      Sailing at Bewl taken over by Markerstudy

              John Mansel takes over leadership

2017       Midweekers produce leaflet to promote sailing at Bewl. (Click here to view Page 1 / Page 2 ).


              On Wednesday, August 30th 45 people and 12 boats celebrated 25 years of sailing and socialising.  Since the weather, typically for this year, was dismal, MSL kindly offered their Bistro Restuarant in which to have our picnic lunch and provided Prosecco which was much appreciated. John Mansel issued a press release with photos (from Gill) to both the Tunbridge Wells Time and the Courier. Some 7 boats did their best to look cheerful in their bunting while sailing in rain and gusty conditions. 

Ann Wakeford has turned up Beaver Magazines going back to day one of BVSC and handed them to John Mansel who can make them available to anyone who is interested. More Midweeker history will undoubtedly come to light and will summarised in the archive of this site.





Created by Graham Wise of the Midweekers