Roster & Support Issues for Midweeker Sailing Sessions

Summer Sailing Roster      


2nd   No duty - 300 Scouts on water am & pm
9th   Chris Woodward/Allan Hoddle
16th  Robin Taylor/Gill Cameron
23rd  Derek Kemp/Roger Lane
30th  Richard Goring/Mo Clayton.    25 year anniversary picnic sail

Cover is from 1.30 until 4pm. If you cannot do a duty for whatever reason, please swap with someone else and let Gill know or otherwise she will find a replacement. The shore base radio will normally be with the fishing lodge ("Bewl Base") as they have kindly said they would do this for us in the summer season. It is however possible that a Midweeker can't sail and may step in. Radios will be provided by John Mansell usually, or by Graham Wise in John's absence. Thanks to Gill for her efforts with rostering. 

Winter Sailing Roster  

6th Sept       Phil Barber/Alan Creasey
13th Sept     Mo/Mike
20th Sept     Robin/Gill    (50 fishing boats out for grand max event)
27th Sept     Derek Goudsworthy/Ann Wakeford

4th Oct         Graham Wise/Steve Wallace
11th Oct        Ray Tennant/Sue Humphries
18th Oct        Nick/Helen Whitley
25th Oct        Guy Cherry/David Hewitt

1st Nov         John Mansel/Martin Stallard - Shore Base: Sue France
8thNov          Walk
15th Nov        Richard Goring/Jeff Middleton - Shore Base: Steve Wallace
22nd Nov       Walk
29th Nov        Derek Kemp/Roger Lane - Shore Base: Graham Wise

6th Dec          Walk
13th Dec        Douglas Sewell/Roland Hunt - Shore Base: John Mansel
20th Dec        Walk
27th Dec        Competent helms only no safety boat

Please look carefully at these dates. If you find you can't do a duty please organise a swap or replacement, as per John Mansel's email of 13.9.17.  Please note commencement of Shore Base duty in November due to fishing office being closed for winter.


From John Mansel - 13.9.17

Due to the pressure and complications of running the duty rota there will be a change in the future arrangements as follows. 
  • Prior to each rota period, Gill will circulate a memo to all members asking that they state the dates that they CANNOT DO.
  • Gill will then draw up the rota accordingly.
  • If after the rota is circulated you then find out that you cannot undertake a duty it is up to YOU to arrange a swop or a substitute for your duty.
I hope nobody takes exception to this change, which is only fair on Gill who undertakes a difficult and demanding job.

Peter Cutts took the bull by the horns and conducted a drill involving three capsizes. Click here to see his report.

After recent capsizes, reports by Midweekers are summarised here

  • A lot of us are not as prepared as we should be for the possibility of capsizing
  • All Midweekers are encouraged to obtain a copy of the  RYA Safety Boat Handbook which contains an informative DVD (£9.50 from RYA, also available from Amazon).  We should be aware of the consequences of capsizing and the actions needed to right boats. 
  • Support boat crews are strongly advised to study the relevant pages in the Handbook  before undertaking a duty.
  • A long tow rope is in each Support Boat canister.  The canister should be secured to the support boat.
  • All dinghies should have a decent length painter attached to the bow.
  • Sailors should wear suitable clothes (i.e. avoid clothing on top of a wet/dry suit that can get waterlogged. (A saturated fleece can weight 20 lbs)
  • Sailors should give thought to installing masthead buoyancy. (While masthead buoyancy is best (for when reefed), sailhead buoyancy is much better than nothing).
  • S/B personnel should only enter the water as a last resort and should endeavour to undertake boat recovery from the support boat.
  • The Rigiflex Commandos are not ideal as support boats.  We continue to hope and encourage MSL to provide a RIB.
  • The incident causing this report followed a helm swap after going head to wind. An alternative such as heaving-to should be considered.
  • Helen and Nick have kindly offered to run a session of capsize recovery techniques for us (probably in the spring

  • Reports by John Mansel and Gill Cameron and in the January 2017 Newsletter, summarised above, can be found in Archive pages below.

    Created by Graham Wise of the Midweekers