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Co-ordination meeting between Phil Daley and Guy Cherry - 1.9.17

FAB week – it is noted that there was a communication error regarding the FAB week, these meetings will now prevent this happening again. PD – to confirm dates and location for next year’s event, have noted that there will be Glamping again next year and will need to ensure that this can go ahead. PD proposed the ‘top strip’ due to the proximity of it to the tap and also the waterfront toilets which can be left open, GC to discuss with members. 

GC – asked how the membership is growing PD – membership is growing with a few members per week joining, GC & PD noted a need to increase the speed that members are joining and noted that the leaflet has been very useful in communicating and attracting potential members. 

PD – Potential for a fleet of optomists to join Bewl in early September, negotiations have been going well, a cadet membership has been introduced and it looks likely that regular childrens sailing will start in the coming weeks. – more info in a press release once all confirmed. 

GC – Slipway usage Mentioned the incident in the last few months and the impact that cars are having on the slipway. PD to investigate sending a communication regarding the parking situration – GC says that sailors always used to have to remove their cars and so it shouldn’t be a big problem. PD mentioned that if baots are congesting the jetty please ask a member of staff, rangers, fishing shop etc to get things sorted. 

GC – mentioned the weather station to bring it back on the radar for MSL. Noted. 

GC – mentioned the safety boats and wanted to raise the requirement of a RIB. Noted 



Hi everyone, 


What a great day we had for the BBQ /AGM with wall to wall sunshine and great hospitality from Gio and Frances. It was lovely to see so many turn up to burn their burgers and down the odd glass or two of wine.

Pop-up Cafe

I am now opening this every this every Wednesday, and seems to be a big hit. 50p gets you all-day tea or coffee and another 50p gets you a Kit-Kat, choc bar, bag of Crisps or cold drink. What a bargain!! And saves the need to bring a flask.

Capsize Demo

A big thank-you goes to Helen and Nick for giving the demonstration of capsize drill. 24 M/Ws attended and watched the demonstration after a briefing from Helen. They very gallantly tipped their boat over (luckily the water was not freezing) and showed the theoretical method of righting the boat.What this showed us (and this is a very important lesson for us all of a certain age), is that righting lines and masthead bouyancy are essential, but without the help of the support boat it is very difficult to right the dinghy, unless you are a very fit young sailor.

Sailing Leaflet

This has now been completed and is excellent, thanks very much to those involved. Copies are being displayed in several venues and I have ample supplies. If you can undertake to get them displayed elsewhere, please let me know.


It has been pointed out that this year M/Ws has been going for 25 years !! In order to mark this wonderful milestone we intend to have a celebratory M/Ws Picnic sail on Wednesday 30th August. Cake and wine will be provided and anyone with bunting is encouraged to decorate their boats. I hope that we can get some good photos to publicise the occasion. Please put this date in your diaries so that we can get as many attending as possible. If anyone has further ideas for the celebration do let me know.

Christmas Party Lunch

Don has arranged this for to take place on Wednesday 6th December at Dale Hill Golf Course. Do put this date in your diaries as it is always a great event. More details will follow later.


Chris Woodward has asked me to remind you of his offer of PB2 Training or refresher days (please contact him direct). Chris has also asked me to mention that on Wednesday 2nd August there will be a large number of scouts attending a gathering at Bewl so there may be some congestion on the shore and on the water. 

Good Safe Sailing ! John Mansel-Smith

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David Hewett's well attended London Walk - 1.3.17

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