Sailing in Company

Sailing in Company at Bewl Water

The Midweekers have created a sub-group, "Sailing in Company" to assist people wanting to sail during the week, for two reasons. First, the weather, seemingly on Wednesdays, that has frustrated us on so many occasions in 2016 and indeed in 2017 so far. Second, the sight of the empty 770 acres of our magnificent sailing resource at Bewl.

It enables us to get in touch quickly when a good weather opportunity arises. We use Proboards ( because it offers a simple way of setting up and maintaining a communication group.

We are basically encouraging people to adopt the "buddy boat" system for some security on the water. This has been augmented by Doug Sewell's very much appreciated offer to man a support boat for us, given his availability. The site owners (Bewl Water) have matched this with an equally appreciated offer to provide a fuelled support boat.

The group is an additional element of the Midweekers, not in any way replacing the long existing tradition of sailing on Wednesdays. In fact, any sailor at Bewl is welcome to join – the more the merrier! As a final point - is there any other "club" able to support midweek sailing like this?

As testament to the group's potential - We had a great day on Friday 5th August 2016, when Paul Williams had spotted a forecast for a pleasant day and 11 boats and about 17 people turned out. This more than made up for yet another blowout on the Wednesday.  On Monday 26th Sept 2016, we took advantage of the lull before the forecast high winds with 7 of us and 5 boats on the water, looked after by Doug on support boat.

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Created by Graham Wise of the Midweekers